Delaware Estate Sales Resale Rewards

Next time you shop with us at Delaware Estate Sales make sure to join our Resale Rewards program! Each time you make a purchase in our store, you will earn reward points toward additional savings coupons and you will also be able to receive exclusive offers or special notices about store events just for reward customers!

Once you have spent $200, a reward coupon for $10 will be sent directly to your mobile smartphone! Simply provide your phone number at check-out and start earning points today! Make sure to download the FREE Resale Rewards App to get or redeem your coupons and to see how close you are to your next reward!

To download the FREE Resale Rewards App, simply pull up a browser on your phone and go to:

Once you open the App, make sure to activate your account within the App by going to the PROFILE section, enter your phone number and the initial password printed on your purchase receipt. Then, follow the steps to create your own password.

Everytime your shop be sure to have your mobile app ready so we can scan your rewards account at checkout. It is that easy to earn your rewards points.

Please note, you have until the marked expiration date on each reward/coupon to redeem your reward before it expires. At the time of checkout, you will need to present the coupon that will display in your app at checkout to issue points. Rewards are valid on in-store purchases only.




How do I join?

It is easy! On your next store visit, simply provide your mobile phone number to the Cashier when you make your first purchase. Yes, of course you will get points on your first purchase!

Why do I need to provide my mobile phone number?

The phone number is used at the point-of-sale to track your purchases toward earning rewards. Do not worry, we won’t call you or text you, but the Resale Rewards App will alert you when you’ve earned points or rewards with a Push Notification.

How do I download the App?

Simply use an internet browser on your smartphone (like Google or Safari) and type in and you will be automatically redirected to your App store to download Resale Rewards. You can also go directly to the Apple App or Google Play stores, search Resale Rewards and download it there.

Once I downloaded the App…what should I do?

Open the Resale Rewards App, go to PROFILE and enter your phone number and the ‘Initial Password’. Your initial password is provided to you by the store when you make your first purchase and is printed on your purchase receipt. After you enter the initial password, create a personal password of your own and you are good to go!

How do I know when I have earned a Resale Reward?

The App will send you a push notification when you have earned a Resale Reward coupon. Check your MESSAGE CENTER for notices or go directly to MY STORES to check for available coupons.

What other perks come with the Resale Rewards App?

From time to time, we offer our Resale Rewards customers additional store offers, extra savings coupons and invitations to exclusive Resale Rewards events. If you do not want to be notified, you can simply control your notifications settings right inside the App.

Do I need a special kind of smartphone?

The Resale Rewards App is made available for both Apple iOS and Android phones. It is always best to ensure that your phone is running the newest version available. Minimum requirement for iOS is v.11 or higher and for Android, v.5.1 or higher.

Do rewards ever expire?

Most Resale Reward Coupons are valid for 60 days once it has been issued but make sure to check the coupon within the App to view the exact date. This is subject to change without notice.

Notice: The resale rewards program is for in-store resale purchases only and no other sales are part of this program, such as but not limited to: Auctions, Tag Sales, and Online Sales. The resale rewards program and the way it works is subject to change at any time.

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