Estate Liquidation

At Delaware Estate Sales, we are dedicated to preserving a lifetime of memories. Such dedication, however, takes a lot of time that our clients often do not have to spare. This is why we’ve staffed our estate team with a number of skilled individuals — all of whom are committed to helping you part with the past.

It’s important to note that all of our estate liquidations are conducted in phases. We’ve found such a process is helpful and cathartic for our customers, because they are able to sort through what is worth keeping for future generations. Below you’ll find how Delaware Estate Sales typically conducts our liquidations in three easy steps.

Phase 1: Sort, Organize, Pack

At the start of any liquidation, the hardest part is always determining what to keep. With the help of one of our associates, you’ll be able to remove and separate items accordingly. From there, we’ll organize, sort, and pack up every item to be sold. Our team will also thoroughly research any items that we may question the value of.

Phase 2: Move & Inventory

Once everything has been moved into our facility, you will be free to assess your real estate, which is typically the most valuable part of the estate. Our team will also conduct a comprehensive inventory of every item that has been unloaded, so we can ultimately determine the best venue for each item.

Phase 3: Liquidation

In order to maximize the price received of each item for sale, we conduct a multi-channel sales approach that targets a number of venues, such as resale shops, eBay, auction and on-site tag sales. In that way, you can rest easy knowing that we’re working our hardest to get you what you deserve, based upon the commission of each valued item.

In addition to liquidation, Delaware Estate Sales also specializes in estate cleanouts. It’s a service that will focus on clearing out your property first, and eventually, selling those items directly on your behalf. For more information regarding either service, please contact us today at 302-668-7309. We look forward to speaking with you!

Estate Cleanouts

The Delaware Estate Sales cleanout service is great for when you need a property cleared of all of it's contents. In many cases you can recover our fees, or even more by selling your items through us.   

Who uses our cleanout service:
  • Landlords
    Have a tenant leave behind a mess? We can help. 

  • Realtors
    Have a client with to much stuff and needs to ready the property for sale.

  • Downsizers
    All your stuff won't fit in your new place?

  • Estate Lawyers
    We can handle everything from start to finish. (cleanout, sell, buy & appraise personal property)

We look forward to the opportunity to serve you. 

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