5 Reasons Delaware Estate Sales is Better Than A Tag Sale

08 March 2016

#1. Not Everything Sells at a Tag Sale

A tag sale is limited in duration. Usually 2-3 days and then what if rains. Even in nice weather (which is sometimes worse than bad weather) not everything sells. Statistically what are the odds that someone who needs that particular item finds your sale and is willing to pay that price for it. 

When the sales over what happens to all the leftover stuff.  I bet they told you that they'll donate it for you right? How gracious. They just deemed all your family's lifetime of possessions that they were unable to sell in 2-3 days junk. So it's okay if they keep some of it since it's just junk anyhow. 

Delaware Estate Sales is in a fixed location with fixed mark down prices.  Buyers who think it's too much simply come back when it reaches the price they're willing to pay; if nobody else bought it. Kind of like an auction in reverse. To date Delaware Estate Sales has sold over 200,000 items in our retail setting. 

#2. Tag Sales Annoy the Neighbors

A good tag sale attracts a crowd. Which is good for you. Your neighbors however won't be to pleased to see Sanford and Son blocking their driveway on their way to church.  

#3. Nosy Neighbors attend Tag Sales

Nothing better than having the neighbors come trounce through your home commenting on the decorations or collections. Even more fun is when the neighbor claims ownership of a item (ie I lent him that lawnmower 20 years ago!).  A little privacy is a good thing. Selling everything off-site ensures your privacy.

#4. Pushy Buyers attend Tag Sales

At some point during a tag sale the address has to be published.  Which means there will be early birds.  Sometimes even too early birds, arriving the night or days before.  And like real birds they aren't stopped by signs or even fences. People will be peeking in the windows.

#5. Tag Sales have "Backdoor" Deals

Unfortunately this industry attract some unscrupulous individuals.  We know because they've approached us. The limited duration of a tag sale is a huge negative (see #1 again) and some people will use it to their advantage. Our goal is to obtain the highest return we can for our clients. 

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